Sig Trigger Efficiency Packages

1)  Quick-Trigger Reset TM (QTR) and SA Take-up Reduction Hammer Modification.  This modification allows quicker next-shot reset of the trigger leaving the firing pin safety block intact and essentially eliminates trigger take-up after reset in SA.  When you go to pick up the trigger for the follow-up shot, it is "right there" with very little additional travel to engage the hammer and sear.  The Sig SRT can compromise the firing pin safety block, defeating an important factory-installed safety mechanism. This package is recommended for both Concealed Carry and Competition. (Hammer modification and a new replacement Safety Lever: $125.00 plus round-trip shipping of the pistol.)
2)  Smooth-Operator TM:  Fit and Polish of all trigger components for a masterfully smooth trigger.  This package is recommended for both Concealed Carry and Competition.  ($175.00 plus round-trip shipping of the pistol.)

3)  Sport Conversion, Creep Reduction also referred to as “The 1911 Mod”:  Recommended if you are going to compete as it essentially eliminates the trigger creep just before firing.   This modification is not recommended for Concealed Carry pistols.   ($125.00 but must be done in conjunction with the fit and polish, plus round-trip shipping of the pistol.)

4)  "High-Torque Trigger TM" Mod:  P6/P225 specific change (other Sig’s by request) gives about a 15-17% decrease in trigger pull using the standard 24 lb. hammer spring (13-15% in other models).  It is common for Sig owners to install a lighter-than-factory mainspring, which compromises the power to the firing pin, resulting in light primer strikes, and, subsequently, failures to fire.  This mod gives about the same reduction in trigger pull utilizing the standard spring as installing a 19 lb. mainspring, but eliminates the possibility of light strikes due to a lighter spring.   ($125.00 plus round-trip shipping of the pistol.)

*High-Torque Trigger for DAK:  We now offer a HTT modification for pistols with the DAK trigger system.  A 13 – 15% decrease in trigger pull is realized on most pistols except the P239 pistol where a 10 – 12% decrease is the norm.  You can take advantage of just the decreased pull force, or increase the mainspring tension to offset the decreased pull force, and decrease the likelihood of light-strikes.  ($125.00 plus round-trip shipping of the pistol.)

Package Pricing:

6)Level I Package:  Item 1) above, $125.00
7)Level II Package: Items 1) and 2) above, $270.00
8)Level III Package: Items 2) and 3) above, $260.00
9)Level IV Package: Items 1), 2) and 3) above, $360.00
10)High-Torque Trigger Modification (including DAK), with any of the other packages, $100.00

Folded-Slide Extractors:  

The extractors are $40.00 each + $2.00 shipping per total order, lower 48 actual shipping elsewhere. 

he extractors fit the P220, P6/P225, P226 and P228 w/ folded slides. 

(If for a P220, We need to know if the P220 is .45 as they are tensioned a little differently than the 9mm.) 

P226 barrels:

These barrels are modified to fit the P6 / P225 pistols.  The longer barrel can also be threaded 1/2-28 or 13.5 x 1 LH for compensators or suppressors, left plain for added accuracy or cut and crowned to the standard length. 

Cost of modification, including one thread protector, is $95 plus return shipping. (This does not include cost of the barrel.)

An additional steel thread protector is $19.95

Return shipping is additional for all items above and is not reflected in the above pricing.

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